Critical WordPress Vulnerability Update

A cross-site scripting vulnerability has been discovered that can allow commenters to compromise your WordPress websites. Please ensure that you update all instances of WordPress to 4.2.1 as soon as possible. You can do this by logging into your WordPress Dashboard and clicking "Update now" from the "Updates" option in the menu.

7th May 2015
New Domain Costs from July

From the 22nd July we have new prices for selected domains.

Read more at 

8th Jul 2014
A new UK Server

Yes, today (17th Jan) we now have a brand new UK server and get it started we have moved all our clients from the old EU server we had back into the UK.

This will now mean that your website well talk shorter time to get to your browser.

17th Jan 2012
The Cloud, Here we are

As from today Scouthostinguk Network now has a cloud network to host your websites, this now allows use to grow the cloud to meet demain as we need it, but as well as this it keeps our costs low.

3rd Jun 2011

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